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FAQ Table of Contents

  1. International Students
  2. Multi-Week Stays
  3. Safety and Security
  4. Health and Medical Care
  5. Food and Dietary Restrictions
  6. Activities and Program Quality
  7. Communication
  8. Behavior and Discipline
  9. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  10. Packing and Preparation
  11. Emergency Procedures
  12. Camper Supervision
  13. Allergies
  14. Medication Management
  15. Cultural Sensitivity
  16. Technology Use
  17. Transportation
  18. Payment and Refunds
  19. Sun Protection
  20. Skill Development
  21. Privacy and Photography
  22. Sibling Placement
  23. Special Needs
  24. Homesickness Mitigation
  25. Homesickness Communication
  26. Lost Belongings
  27. Camp Duration
  28. Water Safety
  29. Rainy Days
  30. Friend Requests
  31. Cabin Assignments
  32. Camper Independence
  33. Conflict Resolution
  34. Open House
  35. Bedwetting
  36. Personal Growth
  37. Cleanliness and Hygiene
  38. Extended Stay
  39. Bullying Prevention
  40. Language Barriers
  41. General


FAQ for Parents


1. International Students

Question: Can my camper attend Olympia as an International Student? 

Answer: Yes! Olympia regularly hosts international students. 


Question: Are there additional fees for international students?  

Answer: Yes. These fees cover airport pick-up and additional administration around hosting International Students. 


2. Multi-Week Stays


Question: Can my camper stay for multiple weeks? 

Answer: Yes! At Olympia, you can book multiple-week stays, and even extend stays if your camper wants to stay longer!


3. Safety and Security:


Question: How do you ensure the safety of my child at camp?

Answer/Solution: We prioritize safety by conducting thorough background checks on staff, implementing strict supervision ratios, having trained medical personnel on-site, and maintaining a secure facility.


4. Health and Medical Care:


Question: What if my child gets sick or injured at camp?

Answer/Solution: Olympia has a Health Centre team that consists of one Camp Doctor, three Registered Nurses, and four Athletic Therapists. Our trained professional medical staff handle injuries and illnesses, with one on call at all times. 

 In case of a more serious issue, we have established protocols to contact parents and seek appropriate medical attention.


Question: How will my child’s medication be handled? 

Answer: Medicine must be brought to camp in its original packaging and CLEARLY labelled in a Ziploc bag.


5. Food and Dietary Restrictions:


Question: What if my child has dietary restrictions?

Answer/Solution: We collect dietary information in advance and make sure to provide suitable meals for children with restrictions, allergies, or religious preferences. Our kitchen staff is experienced in handling diverse dietary needs.


Olympia does not allow nuts or nut products on our camp. They are not used in our kitchen or sold in the tuck shop.

We are also able to accommodate for most dietary restrictions, as long as we are informed of them in advance. For example: vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten allergy, egg allergies, allergies to certain fruits, etc.


6. Activities and Program Quality:


Question: What activities will my child participate in?

Answer/Solution: Our camp offers a wide range of activities including sports, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, and more. We tailor the schedule to accommodate various interests and skill levels. 


All camp activities can be viewed here: https://olympiacamps.com/camplife/ 


7. Communication:


Question: How can I stay in touch with my child during camp?

Answer/Solution: We encourage open communication to ensure a positive experience. Olympia also uses a program called Bunk Notes, which provides communication to your child.

8. Behavior and Discipline:


Question: How do you handle behavioral issues?

Answer/Solution: We have a set of clearly defined rules and expectations. Our staff employs positive reinforcement techniques and open communication to address behavioral challenges in a constructive manner.


9. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:


Question: How do you ensure that every child feels included and valued?

Answer/Solution: Olympia has hired former Toronto Raptors coach Butch Carter as Chief Operating Officer and head of DEI Education. Olympia hopes to grow camp attendance across all Canadian sectors of society!


10. Packing and Preparation:


Question: What should my child bring to camp?

Answer/Solution: We provide a comprehensive packing list to help parents prepare. It typically includes clothing, toiletries, bedding, any required medications, and specific items based on the camp’s activities.


11. Emergency Procedures:


Question: What happens in case of emergencies like natural disasters?

Answer/Solution: We have well-defined emergency procedures in place. Our staff is trained to handle various scenarios, including evacuations. We prioritize the safety and well-being of all campers.


12. Camper Supervision:


Question: How closely are campers supervised?

Answer/Solution: Campers are supervised at all times by our trained staff. We maintain appropriate staff-to-camper ratios to ensure safety and engagement.


13. Allergies:


Question: My child has severe allergies. How do you handle this?

Answer/Solution: We take allergies seriously. Parents provide detailed allergy information during registration, and we ensure allergen-free options in meals and activities.


14. Medication Management:


Question: Can my child take their prescribed medications at camp?

Answer/Solution: We have a designated medical team to administer medications according to the provided instructions and schedule.


15. Cultural Sensitivity:


Question: Will my child’s cultural needs be respected?

Answer/Solution: We embrace diversity and respect all cultural backgrounds. We encourage campers to share their traditions and promote understanding.


16. Technology Use:


Question: Are electronics allowed at camp?

Answer/Solution: To encourage outdoor engagement, we have limited technology use. Campers can bring essential devices, but they’re stored securely during activities.  We recommend that campers do not bring cell phones to camp.


17. Transportation:


Question: How will my child get to and from camp?

Answer/Solution: We offer transportation options. Our staff ensures safe drop-off and pick-up procedures at designated locations.


18. Payment and Refunds:


Question: What’s the refund policy if my child can’t attend?

Answer/Solution: Our refund policy is outlined in our terms. We recommend purchasing trip insurance for out of province and international campers to cover unexpected cancellations. All fees are payable by May 1, 2024 (Olympia will apply a 2.4% recovery fee for Visa and Mastercard transactions).



  • $250.00 of the above deposit is not refundable for cancellations prior to December 1, 2023.
  • $500 (Full Deposit) of the above deposit is not refundable for registrations cancelled after December 1, 2023.
  • No refunds for cancellations after March 1st, 2024 or for campers leaving early during camp season.
Cancellations due to Medical Reasons:

Cancellations for medical reasons that occur less than 2 weeks before arrival to camp must supply a doctor’s note dated before your child’s session(s) start date. You will receive a full credit for all monies paid to be carried forward for 1 summer.

If your child is sent home by our medical staff after their session has started you will have 2 options:
1. A credit for the value of the unused days to be carried forward for 1 summer. (This will be pro-rated per day).

2. A refund for 1/2 the value of the unused days.
Session and Sport/Activity Changes:
1. Session and/or Sports/Activity changes may occur up until June 1st pending space availability.
2. After June 1st there will be a $100.00 change fee and all changes are subject to space availability
3. Switches will not be permitted within 2 weeks of your child(ren)s start date and changes can not be made upon arrival.


19. Sun Protection:


Question: How do you protect campers from sun exposure?

Answer/Solution: We promote sun safety with sunscreen, shaded areas, and regular hydration breaks during outdoor activities.


20. Skill Development:


Question: Will my child learn new skills at camp?

Answer/Solution: Our camp offers skill-building activities led by experienced instructors and coaches, allowing campers to explore new interests.


21. Privacy and Photography:


Question: Are photos of my child shared online?

Answer/Solution: We prioritize camper privacy. We seek consent for sharing photos and ensure they’re used for promotional purposes only.


22. Sibling Placement:


Question: Can my children be placed in the same cabin/group?

Answer/Solution: Olympia’s camper placement in cabins is by age. We will consider sibling requests during registration to accommodate campers’ comfort.


23. Special Needs:


Question: Can my child with special needs attend camp?

Answer/Solution: We strive to be inclusive. Contact us to discuss your child’s needs and how we can provide appropriate support.


24. Homesickness Mitigation:


Question: How do you help prevent homesickness?

Answer/Solution: Our staff fosters a supportive environment, encourages friendships, and plans engaging activities to keep campers occupied.


25. Homesickness Communication:


Question: How will you inform me if my child is homesick?

Answer/Solution: Our staff will contact you discreetly if homesickness becomes a concern.


26. Lost Belongings:


Question: What if my child loses their belongings?

Answer/Solution: We ask that you label items and encourage responsibility. Our Lost and Found helps reunite campers with their belongings.


27. Camp Duration:


Question: How long is the camp session?

Answer/Solution: Camp sessions typically last for one week. We encourage campers to register for multiple weeks to further develop their skills in sports and in life. Check our website for specific session details.


28. Water Safety:


Question: How is water safety ensured during aquatic activities?

Answer/Solution: Qualified lifeguards supervise all water-related activities. Campers wear Personal Floatation Devices when required.


29. Rainy Days:


Question: What happens on rainy days?

Answer/Solution: We have indoor activities planned for inclement weather, ensuring a fun and engaging experience. Olympia’s facilities include 6 indoor basketball courts and a large recreation hall.


30. Friend Requests:


Question: Can my child be placed with their friend?

Answer/Solution: We accommodate friend requests whenever possible, provided both campers are in the same age group.


31. Cabin Assignment Requests


Question: Can I make cabin assignment requests? 

Answer: We understand the importance of cabin requests and every effort is made to honor these requests; however, this is not always possible. 

Any changes to cabin assignments may be requested by email (sherri@olympiasportscamp.com) up to three weeks prior to your arrival. Switches are not guaranteed and will depend on space and availability. Changes cannot be made during check-in or during your child’s stay.




32. Camper Independence:


Question: How do you encourage camper independence?

Answer/Solution: Our structured programs gradually encourage independence through age-appropriate challenges.


33. Conflict Resolution:


Question: How are conflicts among campers resolved?

Answer/Solution: Our staff mediates conflicts, teaching campers valuable communication and problem-solving skills.


34. Open House:


Question: Do you have an open house before camp starts?

Answer/Solution: Yes, you are welcome to visit the camp prior to your camp session where you can meet staff, tour facilities, and ask questions. Please check-in at the office upon arrival.


35. Bedwetting:


Question: What if my child wets the bed at camp?

Answer/Solution: Bedwetting is handled discreetly and sensitively. Our staff ensures campers’ comfort.


36. Personal Growth:


Question: How will camp help my child grow personally?

Answer/Solution: Camp fosters independence, resilience, teamwork, and leadership through diverse activities.


37. Cleanliness and Hygiene:


Question: How is hygiene maintained at camp?

Answer/Solution: Campers follow a daily hygiene routine, and facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized by Olympia’s housekeeping staff.


Staff and campers will follow a routine of hand washing with soap and water throughout the day. For example: Washing hands before we arrive to session, after using the washroom, before and after eating, after playing outdoors, after using a tissue, and any time hands are visibly soiled. 


Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout camp sites.


38. Extended Stay:


Question: Can my child extend their stay if they’re having a great time?

Answer/Solution: Depending on availability, you can inquire about extending your child’s stay.


39. Bullying Prevention:


Question: How do you prevent bullying?

Answer/Solution: We have strict anti-bullying policies and conduct workshops promoting kindness and respect.


40. Language Barriers:


Question: What if my child doesn’t speak the camp’s primary language?

Answer/Solution: We ensure communication through gestures, basic phrases, and the assistance of multilingual staff.


41. General

Prior to Arrival 


Question: What additional notes should I be aware of prior to arrival at camp?


Answer: For the betterment of Camper and Staff health, we ask that all Campers and Staff self-screen for covid or any other contagions prior to their arrival to camp if they are showing any symptoms.


Proof of Vaccination is not required to be uploaded to your account. Campers will not be tested upon arrival to camp.


Arrival Time


Question: What time is the Arrival Time?

Answer: 12-2 PM. If you arrive early before check-in time has started, you may park alongside the road and wait until registration opens.

If you are unable to arrive during the check-in window, please contact our office to schedule an alternate arrival time. All requests must be made in writing to info@olympiasportscamp.com



Question: Do masks have to be worn? 

Answer: Masks may be worn indoors at a camper’s discretion or when and where the medical team feel it is in the safety of all to do so.

Camper Storage


Campers will be provided a personal storage space/area for their personal belongings. Personal belongings brought to camp should not be shared between individuals. If brought to camp,

personal items (e.g., backpack, clothing, towel, water bottle, food, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.) should be labeled and kept in the individual’s designated area. Campers have a small storage space under each bunk bed. The space is just under 2 feet high, so please pack your camper’s belongings accordingly.


Departure Time


Question: What time is the Departure Time? 

Answer:  Closing Ceremonies begins promptly at 11 AM. (Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are welcome to attend) 


All campers must be picked up and off the property before noon, unless they are staying for multiple weeks..

If you need to pick-up your camper at a different time, (outside of the check-out window) alternative arrangements can be made by submitting a written request to the office: info@olympiasportscamp.com 


Question: What if someone other than a parent or guardian is picking up my child?

Answer: If someone other than a child’s parents will be picking them up, a request for an Alternate Driver must be submitted in writing to the office at info@olympiacamps.com . Campers will only be released to those approved on their camper profile.


Question: What if a camper is staying for multiple weeks?

Answer: Campers that are staying with us for more than 1 consecutive week will remain on the property once check-out is complete. They will have a fully supervised stay-over program with activities including waterfront time, games and movies.


Contacting Olympia’s Office 


Question: How to reach Olympia’s office? 

Answer: The summer office will be open and operating beginning Monday June 24th 9am – 5 pm.

Registrar: sherri@olympiasportscamp.com 905-479-9388

If parents must reach their camper, a message may be left with the camp office staff during office hours. Messages will be delivered to the child’s counsellor. 

Messages left after office hours will be monitored and, unless it is an emergency, calls will be returned the next morning during business hours.


Driving Directions


Question: How do I get to Olympia?


From Toronto and West GTA:

Take Highway 400 north to Barrie. Continue north on Highway 11 to Lake of Bays. Exit at Highway 60 toward Ottawa. Continue east until Limberlost Road.

Turn left and travel north for 14 km. The camp entrance will be on your right.

From Toronto and East GTA:

Take 401 east to Hwy 35/115. Travel north and exit at Highway 35 and continue

north to Highway 60. Turn west onto Highway 60. Continue west until Limberlost Road. Turn right and travel north for 14 km. The camp entrance will be on your right.

From Ottawa:

Take Highway 417 west and continue west onto Highway 17. Merge onto Highway 60 and continue west until Limberlost Road. Turn right and travel north for 14 km. The camp entrance will be on your right.


Packing for Camp


Question: What to pack?


  • sleeping bag or sheets/fitted sheet and blankets (mattresses are singles) pillow
  • bath towel, face cloth, toiletry items (soap, toothpaste, etc.), beach towel
  • sunscreen, insect repellent/ bug spray
  • shorts, track pants, jeans
  • undergarments, pyjamas, socks (sport and cozy)
  • sweatshirts, cotton shirts, sweaters
  • one or two bathing suits, workout wear,
  • jacket, raincoat, hats and/or crazy hats, sunglasses 
  • shoes (2 pairs), and rain boots or extra shoes 
  • postage stamps and writing paper, pen, notebook, books to read (for downtime)
  • reusable water bottle, flashlight with batteries


Please Note: For those attending during the last two weeks in August, bring warmer clothing as the evenings tend to cool off. Remember to label your camper’s belongings.


Sports Equipment


Question: What sports equipment should I pack for my camper?


Answer: Please refer to the list below of session-specific clothing wear.


Adventure Climbing 

Extra pair of shoes (strong closed toe footwear required), wind pants and jacket, water bottle (500-1000 ml).


All Sports/ Adventure

3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), 1 or 2 pair of running shoes.


Aqua Sports

2 or 3 bathing suits, shorts and shirts, towels, hat, sandals that stay on feet (no flip flops). OPTIONAL: Life jacket (labeled with your name).



Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. OPTIONAL: Your own archery equipment


Athletic Conditioning

2 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), 1 or 2 pair of running shoes.



3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), your own racquet (labeled with your name).



3 sets of practice clothing (i.e., shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.) baseball glove and baseball cap, sweatpants for sliding drills, protective cup.

OPTIONAL: molded sole shoes, uniform.


Ball Hockey

2 hockey sticks, hockey helmet with cage, hockey gloves, running shoes.



3 sets of practice clothing (i.e., shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.) 1 or 2 pair of basketball shoes.

OPTIONAL: mouth guard.



3 sets of practice clothing (i.e., shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), sweat suit, jogging shoes (high cut gym shoes if possible) RUN 15 MINUTES A DAY 1 MONTH PRIOR TO CAMP.



2 swimsuits

OPTIONAL: Personal canoe paddle

wet suit, life jacket (labelled with your name).


Cheer Camp

3 sets of practice clothing (i.e., shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.). OPTIONAL: Uniform, pom-poms.


Competitive Swim

2 or 3 bathing suits, cap, goggles, sweatsuit(s), towels.


Creative Arts

OPTIONAL: Sketchbook


Cross Country

2-3 pair of shorts, lots of short and long sleeve shirts and socks, bathing suit, 2 pair of runners.

OPTIONAL: Racing flats or spikes



Appropriate dance clothing and footwear required, 3 sets of dance pants, crop tops, leotards, unitards, tights (with and without feet), for performance, one outfit in black is required.

OPTIONAL: Tap shoes or hard soled shoes, ballet

slippers (soft slippers preferred), jazz oxfords, boots, all shoes acceptable. Campers should have their hair in a bun or tied back off their face.



3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), 1 or 2 pair of running shoes.



Fishing rod, reel, tackle box and lures, rubber boots, rain gear, long pants, shoes for hiking, bug spray, hat.


Flag / Touch Football

2-3 shorts, 2-3 t-shirts, running shoes.

OPTIONAL: Running shoes with non-metal spikes.



Campers must supply their own equipment which should include: regulation and N.O.C.S.A.E. approved helmet, molded mouth guard, chin straps, shoulder pads, kidney pads, pants with thigh pads, athletic supporter, multi-cleated (molded sole) shoes.


Glee/Theatre Camp

OPTIONAL: Costumes



2 or 3 sets of leotards or body suits.

Judo and Karate

2-3 sets of practice clothing, 2 Gi outfits (if possible), towels


Outdoor Skills & Adventure

Hiking boots, wool blend socks (3-4 pr.), long sleeve shirts, cotton T-shirts, shorts, hat, rain suit, sweatshirt/fleece, compact sleeping bag, closed cell foam sleeping pad, water bottle (500-1000 ml), personal cup, bowl and utensil set (knife, fork, spoon).

Backpack (min. 55 litres) with padded hip belt, shoulder straps.


Power Up for School & Life Success

Binder, pen, lined paper


Quarterback and Receiver Camp   

Helmet, molded mouth guard, shoulder pads, molded sole shoes, athletic supporters, shorts, socks, T-shirts, sweat suit.


Quest for Adventure

Extra pair of shoes (strong closed toe footwear required), wind pants and jacket, water bottle (500-1000 ml).



1 or 2 rugby jerseys, mouth guard, 2 or 3 pairs of practice equipment (shorts, T-shirts, socks), jock strap, mouth guard.                                           

OPTIONAL: athletic supporter, rubber cleats (soccer boots).



1 or 3 bathing suits, shorts and shirts, towels, hat, sandals that stay on your feet (no flip flops).

OPTIONAL: life jacket (labeled with your name).



Long track pants (sweats) 2 sets, 4-5 T-shirts, regular running shoes


Seven Habits

Binder, lined paper and pen, in addition to general packing list.



Shin guards are mandatory in Ontario Soccer, 3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.) 

Strongly recommended: molded sole shoes.


Stand Up Paddle Board

2 or 3 bathing suits, shorts and shirts, towels, hat. OPTIONAL: wet suit, life jacket (labeled with your name).


The SportsLab Performance Program

2 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), 1 or 2 pair of running shoes.


Survival Camp


Must Have Items


  • Rain gear (Coat, pants preferred but not required)
  • Lightweight water bottle 1L+ (lots of options but a budget option is as simple as a SmartWater bottle 1L)
  • Compressible sleeping bag
  • Sweater/warm clothes for nights
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
  • Hiking boots (preferably with waterproof treatment) and socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and bug spray


Optional Items


  • Hiking backpack (Preferably 30-60L)
  • Hiking pole
  • Nut free granola bars/snacks
  • Compact air sleeping pad
  • Whistle
  • Camera
  • Compact camping pillow (preferably blow up)
  • Compact microfiber towel
  • Camping cutlery (Provided by the camp if not brought)
  • Small dry sacks (Mountain warehouse has 10L dry sacks for $10 for cheap options)



3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), tennis racquet, shoes.          

OPTIONAL: tennis balls.


Track & Field

Running shoes, 3 sets of practice clothes optional: spikes. Spandex   



Swim: bathing suit (s), brightly coloured bathing cap, beach towel(s).

OPTIONAL: swim goggles & cap.

Bike: bicycle, CSA or ANSI approved helmet, 2 extra tire tubes and repair kit, lock and two keys, Allan keys, adjustable wrench and            screwdriver, shorts and T-shirts.

Run: running shoes



3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks), l or 2 pair of shoes for basketball and volleyball.

OPTIONAL: molded sole shoes (soccer/baseball).


Ultimate Frisbee

2 or 3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, t-shirts, socks, etc.), running shoes.

OPTIONAL: cleated footwear. 



3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, shoes, etc.), shoes for volleyball.



3 sets of practice clothing (shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.), wrestling singlet (preferred, but not essential).


Camper Mail


Question: How to send your camper mail

Answer: Mail can be sent to campers during their stay to our Lake of Bays address. To help us ensure proper delivery, please have your camper’s name clear and visible on the envelope.

Please make sure to also include a return address.


RR#4, 2400 Limberlost Road

Lake of Bays, Ontario Canada P1H 2J6


Camper Expectations


Question: Camper Expectations?

Answer: Parents and campers alike wish to have the best camping experience possible. To ensure this, we reserve the right to dismiss a camper if it is in the best interest of the camper and/or the camp. There will be no refund of any kind should a camper be dismissed for infractions or behaviour that is deemed inappropriate by Olympia Sports Camp staff and its directors.


  • There are to be no boys in girls’ cabins and no girls in boys’ cabins at any time. Any infractions of this rule will result in immediate dismissal.


  • Bullying will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal.


  • Theft will result in immediate dismissal.


  • There is to be no use of waterfront facilities unless Olympia staff is on duty and present.


  • Campers are to attend all sessions, unless excused by Health Centre Staff.


  • Campers are expected to use appropriate language with fellow campers, staff, coaches, and referees always.


  • Campers are to respect camp property. Any damage to cabins, camp property or camp facilities will result in the camper being financially responsible for the damages and the cost of repairs.


  • Campers are to always remain on camp property.


  • Campers are expected to return to their cabins directly following evening program. Once in their cabins, they are not to leave for the night.


Friendly Reminders



Question: Friendly Reminders?

Answer: Do Not Send Your Child to Camp if they are feeling unwell, showing symptoms, or testing positive for Covid 19.

 Notify the Camp and arrange for another Summer 2024 Camp week based upon availability or a full credit for all monies paid toward Summer 2025.

Cancellations for medical reasons must supply a doctor’s note dated before your child’s session(s) start date. You will receive full credit for all monies paid to be carried forward for 1 summer.

If your child is sent home by our medical staff after their session has started, you will have two options: A credit for the value of the unused days to be carried forward for 1 summer. (This will be pro-rated per day) OR A refund for half the value of the unused days.


What Not To Bring


Question: What Not to Bring?

Answer: We understand the importance to be in contact with your child while they are away from home. Olympia’s top priority is fostering a safe and nurturing environment and we understand that putting your child in our care is an act of trust which we take very seriously.

Our goal is to have every camper fully present and engaged with each other, our staff and coaches during their stay. We ask that cell phones and other electronic devices NOT be brought to camp. If a camper is found with any of the below listed devices, it will be locked away. NO EXCEPTIONS. Items will be returned upon the camper’s departure.


Prohibited Items

Question: What items are my camper prohibited from bringing?

Answer: The following are also NOT Permitted at camp:

  • Tobacco 
  • Alcohol 
  • Fireworks 
  • Vapes   
  • Weapons of Any Kind 
  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia




Damaged/Stolen Items

Question: What happens if items are lost/stolen?



  • Cell Phones 
  • MP3 Players 
  • Laptops
  • Gaming Devices 
  • iPods 
  • iPads




Question: Is Olympia a Nut-Aware camp? 

Answer: We are a Nut-Aware camp and as such we strive for a nut-free environment to ensure the safety of our campers and staff with severe nut allergies. We ask that you help us maintain this environment by not bringing nut products to camp. If any products are found, they will be confiscated and destroyed immediately.


Tuck & Pro Shop


Question: Is there a Tuck and Pro Shop?

Answer: The Tuck Shop is our camp store which sells a variety of different products for purchase.

Each camper has their own account with a pre-paid amount that has been set up by the camper’s family. Each time your camper makes a purchase, the amount will be deducted directly from the account.


At the end of your child’s stay, any unused funds remaining in the account over $5.00 will be refunded back onto the card that was originally used to set up the account. No money will be returned to the camper.


We ask that you complete the account set-up BEFORE your child’s arrival.

The following list will give you an idea of the items available in the Tuck and Pro Shop.


  • O.S.C. Hoodies ($45.00)            
  • Shorts & T-shirts ($20.00)      
  • Sweatpants ($50.00)
  • Hats ($25.00-$35.00)           
  • Bracelets & Headbands ($5.00-$10.00)        
  • Jerseys ($35.00)                   
  • Coca-Cola beverages ($2.50+)        
  • Chips ($2.50-$5.00)                     
  • Candy ($2.00+)
  • Chocolate bars ($2.00+)       
  • Ice Cream & popsicles ($2.00+)


*All items are subject to HST. **Prices may vary and are subject to change


Laundry service is available to campers that are staying for more than 1 consecutive week.


The cost is $18.00 PER CAMPER, PER LOAD which includes 2 washes: 1 light and 1 dark. Payment for this service will be deducted from your child’s Tuck account. Please consider this cost when setting up your Tuck account.


Tuck Shop will have a BBQ lunch for purchase on Sunday during the drop-off period (12-1:30). 


Pre-Arrival Checklist


Question: Pre-Arrival Check List?

Answer: All camp fees must be paid in full BEFORE arriving at camp. The account must be settled before check-in.


  • Set up Your Tuck Account.
  • Review Olympia’s Cancellation and Credit Card Fee Policy. 
  • Keep up to date with modifications and adjustments through our website and our email communications.
  • Reserve Your Seat on the Bus






RR4, 2400 Limberlost Rd
Lake of Bays, ON P1H 2J6

For Summer Camps inquiries:
TEL: (905) 479-9388

For Outdoor Education Program inquiries:
TEL: (705) 783-6678
EMAIL: outdoored@olympiasportscamp.com

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All Content © Olympia Sports Camp | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Accessibility Policy


RR4, 2400 Limberlost Rd
Lake of Bays, ON P1H 2J6

For Summer Camps inquiries:
TEL: (905) 479-9388

For Outdoor Education Program inquiries:
TEL: (705) 783-6678
EMAIL: outdoored@olympiasportscamp.com

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